Broadcast - How to send a Broadcast Text message

Create a new Broadcast Text


Click on the New Text button to begin creating a new Broadcast SMS message. First, you’ll start in the General tab. Here, you’ll select your Audience and add a Title for the message. Next, you’ll click on the Body tab. Here you will compose the text message for your Broadcast. Finally, you’ll choose to either Send the Broadcast immediately, Schedule a date and time for the Broadcast to send or Save as Draft.


The General Tab


Here you will select an Audience and add a Title for your Broadcast Text/SMS message by configuring three elements:

  1. Audience Type - select an Audience type category/group from the drop down. Doing so will automatically include all contacts in that group as recipients.
  2. Audience - if you select Contact or Contact Group in Audience Type, you can specify a contact or contact group here.
  3. Title - create and add a Title for your Broadcast text message.

After you’ve selected your Audience and added a Title, click on the Body tab.


The Body Tab


Here you will compose the Broadcast Text/SMS message using the main body box and the Audience personalization drop-down – a feature that allows you give your message a personal feel, even though it’s a mass text message. Sending a Broadcast Text message is easy:

  1. Start composing your text message in the Body text box. Personalize your greeting using the Audience personalization drop-down. For example, typing “Hi” and then selecting 'Recipient’s First Name' from the drop-down will read “Hi Joe” for our example client, Joe Smith. Plus, because your clients can reply privately to your Broadcast texts, the whole communication feels personal from the beginning.
  2. Keep in mind that you’re limited to 160 characters. If you’re using Audience personalization, consider those clients with long first names and give yourself a buffer so that your message doesn’t get cut off.
  3. When you’re done composing your message, take one of the following actions using the Send button dropdown:
    1. Click Send to send the Broadcast immediately
    2. Click Schedule to pick a date and time for the Broadcast to send
    3. Click Save as Draft to save, but not send, your message. You can edit your saved drafts by selecting from the Broadcast dashboard.
  4. Your sent and saved Broadcasts will now show on the Broadcast dashboard.


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