Broadcast - Feature Overview

What is Broadcast?

Broadcast is a mass text and email messaging platform. Mass messaging is a communication strategy that allows you to send SMS (text) and email messages to large groups of people at the same time. Broadcast makes mass text and email messaging simple, personal, and effective.

  • Create templates to quickly compose messages to reach targeted groups on your contact list.
  • Enable clients to reply privately. The inbound texts flow into an inbox where you can manage each conversation separately.
  • Allow your clients to opt-out so you abide by mass marketing laws.
  • Advertise Open Houses to targeted groups via text and increase attendance rates
  • Increase your mass marketing read and response rates by more than ten times over email using text.


The Broadcast Dashboard


From the Broadcast Dashboard, you can create a new Broadcast Email or Text, monitor sent Broadcasts, view and edit Broadcast templates, and view and draft messages you've yet to send.

  1. New Email button – Start composing a new Broadcast Email.
  2. New Text button – Start composing a new Broadcast Text.
  3. Broadcasts - Lists your sent broadcasts.
  4. Templates - Lists your Broadcast templates.
  5. Drafts – Lists your saved Broadcast Texts and Emails.


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