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If your company has Distribution Plans enabled, you can use them to route leads based on several different criteria and in a handful of different ways.


Distribution plans use Roles:


Make sure Lead Distribution is enabled, you can turn it off anytime here



Create a new plan using the existing Role you want to assign using.



There are 4 water fall options in a distribution plan, each stage has a column in the user grid where you can select users that are enabled for that stage.  There are 2 columns for areas also, where you can select zip codes or county/cities that 



1. Listing Agent, you can select the Users from the grid and the option of "Selected Agents only" to override listing Agents

2. Uses selected users in Stage 2 column and matches on areas and Postal Codes

3. Will just use selected users without areas (good for smaller teams)

4. Is the backup group, and can be automatically assigned if nobody accepts a lead from the enabled waterfalls.

Each stage can be enabled/disabled, with 2 and 3 having size of offering.  Group size is the number of users offered an assignment simultaneously (First to accept gets the assignment).  Time Frame is how long it gives that group to accept before falling to the next group or stage.  Total Offers is the number of times it will rotate through that stage before moving to the next stage.

With this logic you can build several scenarios, you can also fall from one Distribution Plan to another using Additional Distribution plans, this can be the same or different Roles.

Distribution plans are used on specific Forms on websites, or set on the Detail Page for properties under Search Settings.  If you need help setting up your plan, please ask the Help Desk.




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