Testimonial Tree testimonials missing from my profile page and "Add New Testimonial" link is incorrect

Your broker has set up a Testimonial Tree account for you and linked it to SaleCore. However, your testimonials aren't appearing on your profile page. Additionally, the link at the bottom right "Add New Testimonial" isn't going to the correct account. Don't worry, there's an easy solution.

This issue is most likely due to non-matching email addresses between your Testimonial Tree account and your SaleCore account.

In SaleCore, go to Setup > My Settings > Profile. Under the Contact Information section, verify your email address.

Then, ask your Broker or Admin to login to Testimonial Tree to verify the email address there is the same as that in SaleCore. If it is different, ask them to change it to the email address you have in SaleCore. Once that change is made and the email addresses match in SaleCore and Testimonial Tree, your testimonials should appear on your SaleCore website.

If you need further assistance, please submit a support ticket. 


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