Sitemaps in CORE

There are 2 types of sitemaps in CORE websites.


The first sitemap is readable to people who visit your website.  It will be used when a page gets an error because it is no longer there to show the visitor options of other pages that exist in the menu.  Not all pages are listed, because your site might have specific landing pages you have published or sub-pages you do not want indexed in the Search Engines.

The Url for this sitemap is

You can see an example here:


The second sitemap is XML based and is something you can submit to Google and other search engines to help get your site indexed.  You can find an example here:

The Url for this sitemap is


You cannot submit the version readable by people to Google or other search engines.  You can add the XML version in your Google console or with other tools.  If you have the SEO package, your XML sitemap will include areas and listings to help your site get property data indexed.  If you are interested in adding the SEO package to your site, please email the helpdesk to get current pricing.

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