by Brandi Bennett, HomeSwing Communications

FAIRFIELD, Calif. – HomeSwing has completed updates to their software in response to the Google change in an algorithm for ranking mobile-friendly pages on mobile searches.

These updates will take place immediately for all of our web service clients. 

“Our coders have been working crazy hours to make sure that all our websites are up to par for Google search. We've worked hard for this roll out and are proud to say the functionality is great on mobile now,” said Heath Craig, co-founder of HomeSwing.

This update only changes search rankings on mobile devices in all languages globally and only applies to individual pages, not entire websites. 

For the less techy, this means that Google is ranking individual websites higher in mobile search that are easier to use on a mobile device. This means that mobile websites with text that is readable without tapping or zooming, the spacing of clickable content is larger for less precise fingers, and the page doesn't have unplayable content or horizontal scrolling will score better.

This update was launched in great fan fair as the web called it the mobilegeddon, mobilepocalyse, mopocalypse or mobocalypse. Although, for those rewriting code on the back end of websites it might feel that way, for the general consumer, the effects only made mobile searching easier.

A HomeSwing website looks off on mobile? Contact us, and we will get it fixed. Unfortunately, the techy stuff can be a little fickle. The problem will be addressed immediately. 

For more information about HomeSwing products and services, including the changes made from this Google update, please contact by phone 707.399.8060 or visit the website at

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HomeSwing, LLC provides a real estate search portal for the public and a lead-to-close marketing platform for real estate professionals. The search portal delivers accurate and timely real estate listings before they appear on other national search websites while connecting to local agents. We strive to create easy-to-use enterprise software for real estate companies and agents. Launched in 2014, it is based in Fairfield, California and it privately owned and operated. Visit

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