Emailed Leads: What is it?

Emailed leads is a service which allows leads to be emailed to a special address which imports them into CORE as Contacts. It converts emails into Leads in CORE, eliminating the need to manually enter contacts for tracking and management.

Emailed leads is a company function. Leads are imported to be assigned by the Company. It is not available for individual users/agents.

The typical usage is to set the alert email address for your lead form on remote services to the Emailed Leads email address in CORE

Say, you have an account with a lead generating source, like You get those leads by email. Instead of setting it to your email address, set it to the CORE email address for Emailed Leads. Now you don't have to email them to your users, or manually enter a contact in CORE, you can just assign it in CORE. The user gets an alert per their preferred settings, you get to track it in CORE and use all the functionality 

Now your leads go into CORE and can be managed like leads generated on your website.

There are two levels to Emailed Leads:
Generic - our default templates and configuration, included with all CORE customers
Custom - available at an extra charge, allows for customization of the sources, form fields, alerts, and the inclusion of ALD.



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