How do I add/edit a lead form?

Select the page you want to add/edit the lead form and click on add page content. 


Then select lead form to add for content.


Where it says Lead Form Not Selected, click on choose.

This will bring up a list of the lead forms. Select the lead form that you would like by clicking on “Copy”.


This will ask you to rename the form. (you can rename to what you would like, or just add one letter/number to make the name different.) 

This will create another form at the bottom of the list. It now gives you the option to view/edit the lead form. 


If you want to make changes to the form, click on edit. Then hover over with your mouse and you will see the options to edit the lead from.


From the edit option, you can add/remove questions or move the questions up or down on the lead form.


Click on done editing once you make your changes.

After you have made your changes, click on Choose to select the form you just made changes to.


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