Email Marketing Campaigns Featured in CORE?

Campaigns is a powerful and time-saving CORE automated messaging and newsletter system.  Campaigns allow you to send scheduled or drip emails that are branded to your contacts.

You can choose the contacts that you would like to receive a specific campaign. Campaigns based on a date are also available.

Email can be incredibly lucrative. Make this marketing form work for you. There are many different types of email to send out to your contacts. 
A local email newsletter could include local news and current events or a look at historical information about the area. Changes in homeowners association regulations, information about city or township issues and local school district statistics and events are all great ideas to engage your readers and add value to their relationship to you. 
Of course, there is always the simple broadcasting of listings. This can include sending out your new listings when your listings change their status and announcing open houses. Though with this you may want to segment your lists so the right email goes to the appropriate party.
What better way to gain trust as well as a potential client than to offer free information or personal help based on their needs? You're the expert on staging houses, house pricing, home advertising and preparing a house to show. Share this with your contacts. Show your value.

The possibilities are endless. 

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