How can I search my contacts in CORE?

Go to your contacts tab and open your contacts.

The contacts grid will load.  Here you have two filter options and the search.

Status -
If you are looking for a new lead, the quickest way would be to use the Status drop down to look at Evaluate or Priority.  All new leads are put into Evaluate (unless they are already in Priority) - even older contacts in a more long term or inactive status.

Views -
You can use the views and their fly out menus to find contacts you've categorized into groups, or opportunities.  If you're a system administrator looking for a new contact, you will also find the Unassigned view very helpful.

Search -

From the search view, you have a different search options. You can search by First Name, Last Name, Company, Phone, E-mail,City, Postal Code etc.

You can also search by just a particular source (website lead, manual entry, emailed lead, etc) , or administrators can search for just contacts assigned to a particular agent.

Type in or select what you want to search on/by then click on the Search button.

The search will return your result(s). in the grid.  Depending on how specific your search was, the search may take a long time to run OR may return no results.  Try and less specific search or combination of items if you find yourself getting no results.

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    Richard Morrison

    Do we have any updates on how to search, or change column views now that SaleCore has been updated? 

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