Listing Status in HomeSwingCORE

Listings in HomeSwing CORE serve two important roles.

1) It allows you to make edits to the listing outside of the MLS. This allows you to add additional details and information not provided by the MLS or to make updates before they are delivered to your website by the MLS.

2) It also serves as Transaction Management software.

If you're using HomeSwing CORE purely for marketing and listings on your website, the only statuses you will see are Active and Off The Market.  CORE doesn't try and match up the various statues for the MLS because we wanted to keep it simple.  The house is either for sale or it's not.

If you're using the Transaction Management portion of CORE, Transaction Management will set those other statuses for you as the listing moves through the transaction.  If you don't start a transaction for it, it will go to Off Market the same as it would if you were using it simply for Marketing.

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