Can I send a Message from the message center to a group?

The Message Center has the ability to message to predefined groups of users. You can have the option to send emails with this feature as well.

The groups are predefined for you, broken up into agents and administrators by office. If you grant a user Office permission, they can send to users in their office. If you grant Company Permissions they can send to any office, or the entire company.

This is available for you to add to any user you wish via permissions. A new permission class exists titled Message Center which allows you to give permission to the users.

Until you have given the user permission, they will not be able to use the new group feature.

To send a group message, click on the message center and hit New. In the new message is a link titled “send to group” next to the subject box.

Once you choose the send to group option you will have the list of groups drop down to choose from, and the “send as email” flag is at the bottom.



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