Who accepted a lead assigned via ALD

The answer below is only valid if you are using Automated Lead Distribution (ALD), and the assignment was made via ALD. If you are not using ALD, the below does not apply.

Check Unassigned
The first thing to do is make sure it WAS assigned to someone by checking the Unassigned section. If no one accepted the contact at any of the stages, it will appear in Unassigned. You should manually assign it to an appropriate agent if that is the case.

To check, go into Contacts and click on View in the upper left corner. A window will pop up and show you options.

In the "company view" column, click on Unassigned (if there is a count other than zero next to the word "unassigned") to view those contacts.

Again, if the lead is in the unassigned section, ALD is not handling it (either nobody accepted it during the ALD process or it did not meet the ALD critiera.) You should manually assign it to an agent.

Checking Assigned
You should also check the Assigned section, this is where contacts which are assigned, but not yet accepted, appear. If it is in Assigned, ALD is in one of the stages and waiting for someone to accept it. Our advise is to leave it that way and let someone accept the lead. You may also choose to revoke it or add a separate assignment.

Again, if the contact is in the Assigned category, ALD is handling it and you should let it proceed its course.

Checking Assignment
If the contact is not in Unassigned or Assigned, it will be in Accepted. From the view pop up, click on "all contacts" and search for the contact. See for tips and tricks on how to search for contacts in HomeSwing CORE. Finding the contact is the first step in determining who accepted it during assignment.

Once you've found the contact, there are two ways to see who it is assigned to (who accepted it from ALD)

1) From the Assignments tab on the bottom of the contact record.

Click on the contact's name from the list of contacts, then at the bottom row of tabs, click on the assignment tab.

This tells you who the lead is assigned to (in this case, Ashley Keintz), when it was assigned, and by whom ("System" in the Assigned By column on the right indicates ALD).

If you want more detail, you can look in the contact's Audit Trail.

2) From the Audit Trail. Look for the Assignment record.

From the list of contacts, click on the contact's name and then click on the Audit Trail tab at the far right on the bottom row of tabs. On the Audit Trail screen, you may need to scroll in the list a bit to find the assignment event, the audit trail maintains a lot more than just assignment records. 

Look at the "Event Description" and "User" columns. ALD events will be by the user "System" and say "assigned to ", a username and a stage indicator.  The stage indicator corresponds to the stages you have setup on your distribution plan.  The last event in the ALD Process for a successful assignment will be a username in the "User" column and the phrase "Assignment accepted by" and a user's name in the "Event Description" column.  A typical contact assignment audit trail view is detailed below.

The audit trail gives you a great deal more information, including -

Who the contact was offered to
What stage it was offered to them at
as well as event history of adding to campaigns, reading messages, conducting searches etc.

Below is a typical set of ALD events you may see in the Audit trail

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