How do I launch my website using my own DNS?

This is a simple task. 

First, call whoever owns your domain, oftentimes it is Go Daddy. Have them point your name servers to us using the below addresses.



After that, it usually takes 24 hours for everything to reset. At that point, your website should be pointed correctly. 

However, if you insist on controlling your own DNS settings, you can use the information below.  We do NOT recommend this, so you may want to double-check with the person requesting the information if this is what they really intend.

If your current provider is requesting an "IP Address" for your website, most likely they are writing their own zone files for DNS.  NOTE THAT YOU CANNOT "FORWARD" YOUR WEBSITE.  Forwarding is covered in a separate article.

The IP Address and records for Agent websites appear below:

(null) A
www CNAME 


Once you have set the A records, you should also add or modify the SPF record so that email marketing won't get recognized as SPAM.

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