Publishing Feature for Websites

You can edit your website as a Draft in a temporary environment (or Sandbox).  

While you're making your changes, your public website remains unchanged.  

In Draft mode, you can now experiment, add pages, make changes, and see how those changes look before showing them to the whole world.

In essence, you'll have two websites during the website editing process. Your public website, and a copy of your public website which you're editing. The public gets to your existing public website, while you get to edit the copy,  and eventually make it your public site through the publish process.

This is the flow of draft to publish for websites.

Login to your CORE account and visit the website section. You'll find the familiar view of a thumbnail of your website and the Addresses tools.


You'll notice now that clicking on the icon of your website or the domain name takes you to your website.

You'll also notice a link which shows you what the domain name of your published website is.

Editing your Website

What has changed is how you edit your website. To start editing your website, click on the "Start new Revision" link.


Once you click the "start new revision" link you'll create the draft version of your website to edit, and it will expose three new tools you'll use to complete the process.


View. You will view your draft website on a temporary URL not published to the public. It shows your temporary website created by the draft feature. It starts as an exact copy of your current website

Edit. This allows you to edit the draft of your website. You're not live editing your production website.

Publish. This replaces your current production website with your draft website.  This is how you make your changes live..

Publishing your Website

Publish is a critical step. It takes the site you're working on in draft and makes it a live website.  If you do not publish your changes, the public will not see your changes.

Publish, while powerful and critical, is very simple to use.

When you're ready to make your changes live, click on the Publish link.

On the new screen which opens, you'll see a warning about the publishing process. Please read this warning. You cannot undo publication.

The publish screen will have notes about the things that changed. Not all things are tracked by the publish feature. Some things you change may not be listed, such as changes to the design of your website. 

You should always review your website as if you were a consumer by opening up the website following the View link during the editing phase, or the link in the preview text.

If you are NOT comfortable with the list of changes on the publish step and would like to review it, you may click on the link in the paragraph to view the site as a consumer or click Cancel to go back to the editing screen and review your edits in the editor.

Clicking cancel does not discard your changes, it simply takes you out of the publishing process back to the website management screen where you can go back into editing your website.

If you are comfortable with all your changes, go ahead and press the Publish button. You cannot undo the publication once done, so please make sure you are comfortable with your changes before proceeding.

Once you have published your website, you can start the process over again by clicking "start revision" and opening up another editable version of your website.

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