How can I add a picture to my website?

Login into your website and click on edit revision or start new revision.

Find where you want to add your image and as long as there is a add content option or add shared content option you can add an image.

Once you click on Add content, you are going to select IMAGE add Image. (do not select text and images) Then click on Add Content.

If you want to add multiple images, or images next to text, you will need to add a content container from the structure options first:


Once you have a section you want to add the picture to you can select the "Add Content" button:

You are then going to be prompted to choose an image. This is where you can select from a file that has already been used or browse your computer. Once you have your photo selected, click on insert.

If you want to browse your computer, click on the green plus sign that says upload. Or you can use a file that has already been used from the filenames on the left.

Once you have selected your photo, you will see a preview of the photo. You also have other options before you upload the image to your site such as, aligning, hyper linking, and adding a caption. Once you have decided on these options or not, click on Update Image.

The image will then appear on your website. To make the change that you just made live, make sure you remember to publish your revision.

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