What are the DNS settings for CORE websites (IP Address)?

There are 2 ways to "point" your website domain to our servers.

The preferred method is changing your Name Servers at your registrar to:



Then inform us and we will add your domain settings to our DNS servers.  If you choose this method, make sure you inform us of other DNS entries you need, like "MX" records for mail or other "A" records or "CNAME" records.

The other method is keeping you Name Servers where they are and adding an "A" record and "CNAME" record for your website.

Your primary root (blank) needs to be pointed to the IP Address:

You should also have a CNAME record that points to your root (blank) A record. This would look something like:


In addition to these records, you need to add an SPFrecord for use with Email Notification and Email Marketing.  You can review those settings here:


If you do not want to make these updates, you can request us to do them and delegate access to your domain in GoDaddy using these instructions:

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