How do I create a Contact Group and add Contacts?

It is harder to decide how to organize your contacts than to add groups to CORE.

Before you begin adding groups, think about how you want to organize your contacts.

Some suggestions -
Type of transaction (buyer/seller/investor)
Type of property (commercial/residential/investment/vacation)
Source (Church, Family, Kids Friends, Referrals, Website
Geographic (Fairfield, Vacaville, Sacramento)

Or anything that comes to mind.  Contacts may belong to more than one group - they might be Buyers from Church in Fairfield!

Once you decide on the type of group, you can proceed with the mechanics of adding the groups and then adding your contacts to a group.

Login to CORE, and choose contact groups from the contact menu.  This will show you any groups you have now and how many contacts are in each one.  You can rename the group, delete it, or click on the group name to make changes to existing groups.

To add a new group, simply go to the end of the list (or to the box if you have no existing contact groups) and type your new group name in the box.  Then click on Add Group.

Add as many groups as you want to create, you can always make more later if you're not ready to add them all now.

Now go back to your contact list.  From the Contacts Menu choose a Contact.

On the right side will appear Contact Group Membership.  Click Group. This will display the contact groups created or you can create a new one.

A window will pop up with a list of your groups.  Choose the appropriate group and click Add To Group.

The screen will reload and show you the group you added.  You can now move on and add the group to another contact OR add another group to this contact.

You can also remove the group from this contact by hovering over the group name and you then see a Red "X" to remove the Contact Group from that contact. 

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