The CORE Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Feature ?

CORE has a nicely integrated way for the real estate industry to manage client data, track interactions and automate work flow. This increases efficiency and organization and enables buying and selling agents more time to do what they love, sell real estate.

Here is a scenario of how CRM can help a selling agent. A potential homebuyer fills out an online form on their branded hyperlocal website requesting to see a property listed. With our dashboard, this lead will show up as a text and an email to the agent in real time. It automatically converts the form data into a contact profile in the system. 
At this point the agent can call the lead to learn more about time lines, finances and other pertinent information. The agent can also go in and look at what the lead looked at on the site, giving a heads up as to the tastes of the client before calling. 
Included in your CRM is your contact management, MLS integration, email marketing capabilities, web lead management, website management and a success development manager you can call to get the most out of your software.
The benefits of real estate CRM is better client tracking and organization. It increases organization by providing a one-stop-shop for storing leads, client information and documents. The software automates work flows with task lists, dashboards and alerts. Making it increasingly difficult for things and people to fall through the cracks. 
In addition, being able to see at a glance where a particular client is in the buying or selling process helps agents focus their time on the warmest prospects, while others are nurtured with email marketing tools.


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