Something is wrong with my listing!

Reasons why your listings aren't showing up.

Typically we get information from the MLS no less than once per day and sometimes as often as once every few hours. So you may have just made a change to your listing with the MLS and it may not have been transmitted to us yet. If the change is less than 24 hours old, please wait until the next day to follow up and see if the change has been delivered.

Check to make sure it is approved for internet display with the MLS. Most input systems let you choose whether your listing is on the internet or not. The default may even be no. This is the most common reason a listing is in the MLS software and you can see it, but it has not been transmitted to us in the data feed.

You may also review to see if we have other listings from your office - it may be that your office is not opted into IDX/Data Sharing. If you don't see listings from your office you may want to call your office manager or Board to inquire if you are approved for listings on the internet.

See if we have other listings of that property type. Many MLS do not provide all property types for your website. If you don't see any of that type of listing in a property search you may want to inquire with your manager or Board if those types of listings are on the internet.

Still no luck and that listing still isn't showing up?

If you are reporting a listing problem it is imperative that you supply the following information with your request:

MLS System
Property Type
Property Address
List or Status/change Date
Listing Agent Name (if it is not you)


If you fail to give us sufficient information to locate your property, it will delay any attempts to fix the problem.

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