Listings in CORE

How listings in CORE works.

Base Requirements
In order to effectively use Listings in CORE, your account must have the following:

  1. MLS Office ID on the office profile. If you do not know your office ID, contact HomeSwing and we can look it up for you.
  2. MLS Personal ID on your agent profile. If you do not know what your ID is, you can use the ID lookup tool to find your ID based on an existing MLS listing. In most areas you can only look up your ID if you have an active listing. If your listing does not appear on the website search, you won't be able to look it up in CORE.
  3. A completed User account in CORE. You can only create or interact with listings in CORE for users who have accounts. If you do not have a user account in CORE, you cannot use Listings.

Listings in CORE performs two functions:

  1. It feeds the Transaction Management system in CORE.
  2. It feeds listings onto your website in the form of "company listings" or "my listings."

You can create listings in CORE in two ways:

  1. Manually enter your listing information.
  2. Import listing information from the MLS.
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