Assigning and Maintaining Contacts (Administrators)

In this article we'll discuss both Assigning Contacts and managing them after assignment.

You will always want your contacts to be assigned, so that someone is available to them and responds to them promptly.

Once assigned, you will want to make sure the agents are contacting them promptly and moving them through the sales process.

Assigning Contacts

Auto-assign using ALD
You may choose to automatically assign your leads, instead of managing them individually. We call that Automated Lead Distribution, or ALD.

You can setup leads to be automatically assigned when submitted on your company website OR from emailed leads. If you are using ALD then there should rarely be any Unassigned contacts (they can occur if an agent rejects a lead or someone enters a new contact and forgets to assign it).

If you are manually assigning your leads upon receipt, start by filtering to the Unassigned contacts.

Using Role

If you've setup Roles in CORE, you can assign from the grid. . When you're using roles, simply click on assign link next to the role short name and select the agent you want to assign into that role.

If you are not using roles, you can individually assign the contact by clicking into contact details, clicking on Assignment and selecting the appropriate agent.

You can select whether you want it to be assigned or offered (which expires after a time period), and you can make a note about the assignment.

You can also multi-assign by selecting multiple agents. The same options apply, with the additional question of if you want everyone to get it or only one (first to accept gets it).

You can also assign multiple contacts at once, use the select button on the grid. Select your agents and then the options are the same as assigning agents on a single contact - assign to one, assigned to many; all can accept / only some can accept.

Managing Assigned Contacts

The CORE grid is designed to give you immediate feedback through information and color, to facilitate quickly scanning and managing hundreds of contacts without having to go into the details of each one.

It is important that your agents perform basic steps with the contacts you assign then to make management possible.

At minimum -

1. Move contacts out of the "Evaluate" status
2. Validate Phone numbers (by logging a call) and email (by sending an email or scheduling drip emails)
3. Record Notes (at minimum about their first interaction with the client)
4. Schedule future follow up tasks

With these items done, you can effectively use the Evaluate status and the Grid to determine who is performing and who is not. This lets you take management action on those who are not

When you login to CORE, you'll want to do two things.

1) Make sure that the contacts in Evaluate have been assigned, and that there is not a long wait time before they are attended to by the agents. These are contacts who have asked a question of you and require a response.

Use the Status filter to go to Evaluate and assign any which need assigned (see above). Any which need to be updated, but have not, you can either request an update from the Agent OR revoke them.

2) Quickly scan the contacts in the other statuses (using the status filter) and look to make sure the critical items (listed above) are being taken care of. Bad will appear in Red, neutral in Black and good in Green.

As noted above, you may choose to request an update of the agent to prompt them to make a correction, or you may want to revoke and re-assign the contact.

Searching for Contacts
If you are ever in a situation where you cannot find a contact you are looking for, you should use the search.

Keep in mind when looking for "lost" contacts, that new contacts, or contacts with new leads will always appear in the Evaluate or Priority status (unless an assigned agent moves it before you get to it).

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