Editing the Website Menu

On your website you can edit the top level menu and sub-menu items. You can add/delete/change the names of items and re-order them.

Login to CORE
Click on Website from the main menu
Click to Edit your website
Click on the menu on the home page (or any page of the website) and choose Edit.

This will open the Menu Editor.

To add a new items to the main level menu click the "ADD TOP LEVEL MENU ITEM"  Note that there may not be enough space for your new item and you may need to remove an existing item or shorten the names to fit your item in.

To add a new item to one of the sub-menus, highlight the top level item it belongs in and choose the Add Menu Item option. This will prompt you to to type in the menu item title and select the page it should link to. Make sure you click "add menu item" when you are done.

To change the order of a sub-menu item, highlight the top level item it
is in, then scroll down and click on the sub menu item you want to
move. When the edit window pops up, use the move up and move down
buttons to move the item in the list.

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