Global Image Gallery

What is the Global Image Gallery?
What's in it?
Who can use it?
How do I access it?

The Global Image Gallery is our Repository of images we've prepared for use in CORE. The images are sized and matched to the other art in CORE.

Currently it has thousands of images that we've pre-created by Website Layout to fit different locations on the website - main photo, call out, etc. By reading the folder structure as you click in you can see what layouts and locations these images are best suited for. You do not have to use them in the specified location, but they may not size/fit correctly in other locations.

Any CORE user can use the images in the Global Gallery in any facet of CORE - be it on your Website or Email.

You gain access to it from Image Manager in any of the CORE controls that use images.

  • Image Manager in Email
  • Image Manager in Text & Image control in Websites
  • Image Control in Websites
  • Image Rotator in Websites

Once you're in the Image Manager, you'll see the "Global Gallery" folder as an option alongside your existing images and folders. If you double click that you'll see the options for images.

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