SSL Certificates

Secured Socket Layer or SSL Certificates allow you to use your site with the HTTPS protocol, which will get rid of the "site not secure" message you receive on some browsers.



Setting up an SSL certificate can be done with most registrars (We use GoDaddy, Comodo or Network Solutions), but it is probably easiest with whoever you purchased your domain from.  There is a one time fee from HomeSwing for installing certificates, so contact our success managers at to get started and get help.  Please have this information handy:

Organization name (who owns the website domain, they will check the WHOIS record for this information)

City, State of the Organization.

We will need this information to build you a certificate request which you can use to submit when you purchase your certificate.  Once you purchase and submit the request, after a short period to validate that you own the domain you are trying to use, then they will issue you a certificate that we will install and make your site secure using SSL.

Understand that we are not responsible for knowing when your certificate expires, and the fee is required each time you need to install the certificate, so it is worthwhile buying multiple years so you don't have to so it again too soon.

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